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+Movie: Garden State
+Nusance: people who are ignoring me :(

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Aug 4th: Added poems to fresh ink

Concept layout, features pretty contrasting colors.
Made with PSP and Notepad.
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School started and I became engrossed in the morbid rapture that is homework.

Life has been...interesting.

School is dull.

I made a new layout.

That's all for now. I'm sorry. I'll be saying sorry until the day I die.


Leaving for Indiana for three days!

Don't miss me too much....


Saturday was fun. I x3 Chicago.

Sunday was fun, except for the second half which involved driving through Gary and Englewood in a Lexus. The Chicago Skyway is a joke, so not as fun as it sounds.

Monday was another fun day. Lin is pretty. :)

I am a horrible person. I went shopping three days in a row. I bought stuff all three days.

I'm working with my mom a couple days this week and I'm volunteering at the childrens' museum on Friday. Then Chrissy's party on Saturday, yay!

Last night I totally redid the concept of my story...remember my story? I think it's better now. Last night I also learned that people suck.

You can find a link to my new story in the content. Read and review...or I'll hunt you down and eat your babies.



Last summer was perrrrfect! This summer is too hot. I guess it's better, though, because you can go swimming without freezing. But today it's supposed to storm! -clappter-

I have a special announcement:

My Self Dignity

Why? I got a MySpace.

I was able to console myself on Saturday. After much deliberation on what my plans would be, I ended up seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Christina, Beth, and Danielle. I laughed and laughed. Some of the jokes were surprisingly sophisticated and we came to the conclusion that the movie(s) and the book contain layer upon layer of social criticism. The man sitting next to me laughed like he had a balloon stuck in his throat, which added to the hilarity.

After the movie we ate at Noodles & Company, then walked around for a bit. I had to take Danielle home because she couldn't stay over. Christina and Beth followed me home, then we went to Blockbuster and rented "Ghost World" (very funny) and "Butterfly Effect" (disturbing.) I also made them watch Napola, which they loved.

Chrissy and I have decided to somehow send a package to Berlin in the hope that it finds a place in the hands of Max Riemelt. How do you send packages to Europe? Is it expensive?


I finished HBP in a total of 15 hours (not all together) which beats my goal of 2 days, or 48 hours.

It was amazing. Amazing.

I can't talk about yet...not everyone has finished.

I did get interrupted though. On Sat. I had to go with my parents to this like...barbeque thing in the middle of nowhere. I can proudly say that I am cityfolk, or suburbiafolk? I was not made for the country. Not at all....

Sunday was a reading day. Thank god. But I had to go to my grandma's house and it was too loud to read.

Oh and I get my top braces off on Aug 22nd!! -claps-

Incase you were wondering, my playlist's going crazy so I'm trying to fix it...